Sté SEMCO’s aim is to conceive and commercialise urban furniture for local collectivises. Working closely with our customers, we now specialise in the production of secured accesses’ equipment and control.


Created in 1986 and located in the Isère region, SEMCO owns to this day, 15 patents in the field of urban design. With more than 15000 clients spread across the whole of France and abroad, on cycle paths, within social habitats, inside urban and suburban areas, SEMCO has become an industry leader, and is recognised across Europe for the quality of its products and services.



Member of the standards commission and of the ‘Professionnels du Mobilier Urbain’ syndicate (PROMU), the entirety of the SEMCO product range regularly evolves according to current standards and regulations.



As part of the technological innovations, SEMCO, also a member of the ‘Fédération Nationale de Métiers du Stationnement’ (FNMS) offers an intelligent parking management solution, CEMAVIL, enabling city centre resurgence and encouraging urban mobility.





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