Two wheels (bikes, scooters…)

For an intelligent, durable and secure mobility

mobilité intelligente durable et sécurisée deux-roues

Depending on the preferred type of user, you can find various solutions which cater to your needs:











The urban furniture represents the totality of objects which are installed in a town’s public space to satisfy user’s needs.

For over 35 years, SEMCO has been the manufacturer and supplier of urban furniture for outdoor planning to public entities and enterprises.

SEMCO offers urban furniture which is dedicated to the comfort of pedestrians, equipment for two-wheelers, as well as protective and security elements for roadways.

Conscious of respecting the current regulations we regularly update our urban furniture product range according to the latest standards.

Our urban equipment “Made in France” is also recognised internationally, which testifies to our reliability and expertise.

Depending on the type of location (street, park, garden, pedestrian or residential zones…), it can be necessary that an access should be open, continually or intermittently and if possible made easy for permitted users.