For over 30 years

Created in 1986, SEMCO is originally a developer and manufacturer of dynamic access control systems and of equipment for communities (barriers, gates, anti motorised two-wheelers, bicycle shelters, PRM accessibility…)

SEM PROD unité de fabrication Semco

The products are conceived internally by our research office and by the ‘SEM PROD’ production unit, created in 2008, in response to the industrial requirements for quality and service by SEMCO and its customers.

All our products either come from our factories, or conform to our specifications and industrial processes.

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In 2009, SEMCO created the CEMAVIL App, dedicated to intelligently manage street parking with the development of autonomous detective sensors, a proximity display and data centralisation on a specific server.

Thus, anticipating the removal of penalties, SEMCO becomes the number 1 technological solution integrator dedicated to collecting, analysing and supervising roadway information.

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Towards the end of 2017, SEMCO acquired the Sté Actis-City which then became SEMKIOSK, 100% part of the group. Created in 1982, the latter possesses an authentic expertise in the development and manufacturing of kiosks and urban furniture. SEMKIOSK is also a historical partner of the display leaders Outdoor and Indoor Mediakiosk, JC-Decaux, Clear Channel and of urban development in local communities.

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Our references

Having been established across the whole of France for 35 years, SEMCO currently has over 30 000 installations implanted in over 10 000 municipalities on the national territory. Stemming from this great success, SEMCO is now developing beyond the French borders and already generates over 5% of its budget from foreign export.

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