Making school grounds safer with semco equipments

6 May 2024

As schools strive to create welcoming learning environments, the issue of safety around schools remains necessary. With this in mind, street furniture plays an essential role.

School grounds are often busy areas, with heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic. This concentration of movement can pose risks to children’s safety, particularly at school entry and exit times.

Solutions therefore need to be found to ensure the safety of pupils. In this context, street equipments are an effective way of preventing potential risks in the areas surrounding schools.

Fixed Pole Swing Barriers

Fixed pole swing barriers, are used to equip entrances with wide access dimensions.

Barrière à pied embarqué

Wide or short swing barriers

Their solid structure and secure pivoting mechanism effectively demarcate areas reserved for pedestrians and restricted to motorised vehicles, reducing the risk of accidents and trespassing.

Their size and the different possible combinations (2 short barriers facing each other or staggered, for example) mean that they can cover large passage widths, providing extensive protection for school approaches.

Barrière grande largeur

City barriers

SEMCO offers a range of town barriers specially designed to secure the areas around schools.

City barriers prevent pedestrians from crossing outside protected areas and cars from parking in areas not intended for this purpose.

Whether it’s to demarcate parking areas, secure pedestrian crossings or protect play areas, these barriers offer a versatile and effective solution to meet the specific needs of every school.

Barrières de ville situé à Bron (69)

SEMCO offers a range of other street furniture to enhance safety around schools:

Bollards and posts : These elements can be used to demarcate specific areas, create pedestrian-only lanes, or prevent vehicles from getting too close to school buildings.

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