Semco goes to the export

Semco goes to the export

“Allow all the users of the urban environment to live better together and to be divided the public space… read more   Article Eco Nord Is... Read more

Semco fermeture pour congés

Summer holidays

  We inform you about the Ets SEMCO closure: From Friday, July 27th noon, Til Monday, August 20th morning If you need information, do not hesitate to ... Read more

Kiosque Indoor

Discover Semkiosk

The SEMCO group is happy to inform you of the acquisition of the Sté ACTIS CITY. Since December 2007, this product has become SEMKIOSK, and is now 100% pa... Read more

sélectif grande largeur décor Bambou

Bamboo visual aspect

    Bamboo visual aspect   Realized in a sheet steel cut by laser, bamboo visual aspect decorates with esthetic way all types of Semco barri... Read more

Sélectif grande largeur Semco

Good back in work 2017

Good back in work 2017! Look for secured equipment for our pedestrian children or on a bicycle, in particular around schools. Kid security , selective barr... Read more

Carte postale vacances Semco

Summer holidays

  We inform you about the Ets Semco closure — > from Friday, July 28th noon till Monday, August 21st morning <— We wish you a very b... Read more