4 Safety and accessibility features by SEMCO

8 April 2024

In France, security and accessiblity are among the main issues facing municipalities.

As a result, town halls are putting in place the ressources needed to ensure security and accessibility in urban areas.

Semco chose 4 layouts to make your town safer and more accessible.

Ensure Safety

1. City barriers

City barriers are mainly installed to guarantee the safety of urban areas by restricting access to certain sensitive areas or preventing unauthorised intrusion into places such as parks, historic monuments or busy areas.

They provide protection and safety in towns and city, particulary in places where means of transport are juxtaposed.

As well as ensuring the pedestrians safety, they prevent cars from parking anywhere, guaranteeing optimum safety.

Barrières de villes facilitant l'aménagement des villes

2. Removable and Fixed Bollards

In addition to our SEMCO solutions, fixed bollard can also be used to ensure pedestrian safety, secure some areas and guarantee the reservation of parking spaces in a public or private space.

Fixed bollards are a versatile and essential piece of equipment for ensuring the safety, organisation and efficient management of public and private spaces.

They play an essential role in creating safe and accessible environments for all users.

SEMCO also offers bollards designed to meet the needs of people with reduced mobility (PRM). These bollards are designed with a white ball head, making their presence detectable and visible to people with visual difficulties, helping to promote their independence and safety in public places.

Ensuring accessibility

1. Podotactile tiles

SEMCO’s podotactile tiles are designed to alert people with impaired vision through tactile and visual detection, with a texture that visually impaired or blind people can feel when they touch it with their detection rod.

Dalles podotactiles pour améliorer l'accessibilité et la sécurité des villes

2. Selective zone for pedestrians with a bicycle access

Finally, in our selection of safety and accessibility solutions, SEMCO offers pedestrian selective zone with bike access. These equipments facilitate access for passers-by, with or without a bike access, and are commonly used at the entrance to cycle paths.

Semco equipments are has been designed to offer your users durable and safe solutions for their daily living space.

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