Two-wheel vehicle storage

range deux roues unilatéral ou bilatéral

The Unilateral or Bilateral two-wheel vehicle storage: support for 4 or 8 bicycles specially designed to park confortably bicycles, including those with basket-bike and / or baby seat.


Range deux roues Dexto

The Dexto two-wheel vehicle storage: for 10 bicycles or 6 motorbikes. Particularly suited for to the basic module of the ‘Tangara’ two-wheel vehicle shelter.

Range deux roues Octo et Octo+

The Octo two-wheel vehicle storage: equipped with 4 frames, it can hold up to 8 bicycles.

The Octo + module (4 frames on one side and 3 on the other) can hold up to 14 bicycles.

Range deux-roues Sexto

The Sexto two-wheel vehicle storage: specifically designed to accompany the ‘Colibri’ shelter. It can hold up to 6 bicycles.





Range deux-roues Quatro

The Quatro two-wheel vehicle storage: can hold up to 4 cycles. Being completely autonomous from the rest of our range, this storage can easily be fixed to the ground.

Range deux-roues Solo

The Solo two-wheel vehicle storage: Built to receive a bicycle or a two-wheel motorised vehicle.